Our Team

Chris Smith

Chris came to Chicago in 1989 from Philadelphia (Go Eagles!) and has worked in the high-end customer service business the entire time. Ten years with Four Seasons Hotels organically led to a move to Metropolitan Limousine where he started as the hotel account representative, then into corporate account management. Finally taking responsibility for Metropolitan’s largest account, The Boeing Company starting in 2012. The trust that Boeing placed in Chris was a big factor in that account growing from just over $1M in annual revenue in the local Chicago market to $20M worldwide in its best year, all while maintaining the most stringent standards, KPIs and SLAs. The transportation programs Chris oversaw for Boeing ran the gamut from Board of Directors Meetings to the Employee Shuttle program in the Pacific Northwest. “Keep Boeing Going” became the mantra and, for their part, Boeing certainly kept Chris going! He became known as the person who would always take your call whenever you had a need, question or issue regardless of the time of day…even moving to Seattle for a couple years to make sure things ran smoothly with a new business silo there. During this time Chris was able to establish amazing partnerships in the ground transportation industry around the globe and he is eager continue working with those partners to provide the level of service that customers will notice and appreciate from their first ride. If you ask him, Chris will tell you that the person that taught him the most about customer service was his mother, Barbara. She always demanded the best of herself and, by extension, from her children. Her rule was, if you can make something better for someone else, you are obligated to do it. He still wants to make her proud. Let’s work together!